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icatel, is undoubtedly the best choice for your company's information technology and telecommunications needs anywhere in Spain. We offer innovative and intelligent solutions. Trust is the most important value for our clients, always giving our best.

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Private Cloud
The utmost security

We optimize cloud work to achieve a speed superior to the current situation. We implement improvements to ensure more efficient performance in operations and interactions with online platforms. This approach aims to optimize productivity and response in cloud computing environments.

System Audit and Cybersecurity

Review current antenna frequencies to ensure compatibility with devices in use, assess installation coverage, monitor and control the network, check the hotspot, and review the security of both end-users of the public wifi network and the private network used for your business activities.

Computer Network and Wifi 6

We review the frequencies of the antennas, ensuring their compatibility with current devices, and monitoring the coverage and security of public and private Wi-Fi networks. We also verify the physical and virtual status of the private network, ensuring efficient operation.

+ Than Fixed Telephony!

Mobility like never before in fixed telephony, Ask us for anything! Nowadays, in communication, everything is possible! We will conduct an external audit by analyzing the costs and conditions of the providers you have had until now. We will present our improvements in service and price, optimizing and updating all systems according to the needs and desires of the customer. No commitments or obligations.

Mobile Telephony

Mobile telephony is essential; we analyze and make real use of each device, allowing for multiple coverages with the same SIM card at no additional cost. Additionally, each user can use their mobile as an internal extension of the company and display the corporate number on calls. There are many other business uses.


Fiber Optics: We offer the best geographical connectivity for each user. Analyze transport operators in each area, as well as the guarantees of the flow offered by each option. Finally, decide with the client the best option for the primary and secondary connection, which must always be of another technology.

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Technology consulting throughout the national territory

Our mission is to offer technological solutions

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We are committed to providing quality service to help our clients grow and develop their businesses. 

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We commit to providing exceptional customer service to all our clients. We have a team of highly qualified professionals ready to assist our clients with any questions they may have


We are always available to help our clients with any issues related to IT and telecommunications.



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